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Ten Chakras Bracelet

As you know there are many more chakras than the traditional seven chakras that we all know about,

and without getting too complicated, I decided to create a bracelet with ten chakras.

I used the following gemstones:

Black Jasper for the Earth Chakra, situated underneath our feet. This Chakra connects us with Mother Earth.

Garnet for the First Chakra, at the base of our spine. This Chakra connects us to the material world and our physical life

Carnelian for the 2nd Chakra, right beneath our belly button, associated with creativity and energy.

Citrine for the 3rd Chakra, also called Solar Plexus.This Chakra processes energy/information coming

to us and warns us if it is not for our highest good. It is our source of personal power.

Green Aventurine for the 4th Chakra in the center of our chest, over our heart. This Chakra helps us experience love and connection with all living things.

Rose Quartz ( very pale) for the Thymus Chakra, situated a few inches over our Heart Chakra. This Chakra is also known as "the Seat of the Soul" and it connects us with our spiritual life and our Higher Self.

Blue Kyanite for the 5th Chakra, in the center of our neck/throat. This is the Chakra of communication, of self expression and being ourselves.

Lapis Lazuli for the 6th Chakra, also called the Third Eye, in the middle of our forehead. It associated with intuition and inner vision.

Amethyst for the 7th Chakra also known as the Crown Chakra situated at the top of our head. This is the Chakra that opens us to Higher Energies, our connection with Divinity.

Clear Quartz for the Soul Star Chakra a few feet above our head. This Chakra connects us to the Universe, our Higher Life Purpose, our Soul Family.

This bracelet will come with the information listed above. If you want to learn more about chakras, you can read more here and if you

want to learn more about the properties of crystals, check here


This elastic bracelet is made with 6mm gemstone beads with angel aura spacer beads

This bracelet will come with the information listed above.

Elastic ~ 7"- 7 -1/2"


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