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Herbs for Smudging


Smudging is a sacred Native American ceremony in which smoke from sacred herbs is used to purify and clear the energy of a space, person or object.

The most common herb used is Sage, but many other herbs can be added or used individually since they all have different properties.

Traditionally you can put a small amount of sage leaves in an abalone shell, or a smudging pot, light them and let them burn for a few seconds, then waft the flames out with a feather and use this same feather to fan and direct the smoke where needed.

You can hold an object over the smoke to purify it.

You can smudge yourself, directing the smoke with the feather all around your body, or you can smudge your whole house.

Pay special attention to the corners, and start on lower level and move up, if you house has more than one level.

It is OK to say prayers while doing this, or setting intentions, as your intuition tells you.


White Sage

Sage is used for purifying, to clear negative energies, spirits, emotions, intentions etc.

It is also a very protective herb and is used to protect sacred areas during rituals.

5" to 6" stick


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Black Sage - Mugwort

Stronger properties than white sage, it is used for cleansing heavier energies and protection from ghosts

4" stick


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Blue Sage- Desert Sage

Great for clearing negativity and bring health and healing.

4" stick


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Helps cleanse and purify an area, and offer protection against negative energy.

4" stick


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Cedar, White Sage and Blue Sage

One of each- 3 sticks total

4" sticks


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Yerba Santa

A full 3" x 5" bag of Yerba Santa with Red Abalone Shell burner 3"


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Abalone Shells

These silvery and iridescent abalone shells are useful for burning cone or resin incense.

They are also handy as receptacles for smudge wands, holder for crystals or trinkets, or just as decorations on their own.

The markings will vary slightly, as these are produced by nature.


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