The Sacred Feminine Art by Montserrat

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The Art of Montserrat

All my images start as oil paintings. Later on I work with them digitally for printing and Internet.

The images you will receive will not have my name and website across the bottom.

I only add it here for copyright purposes.

My art is available in post cards and journals.

The post cards come with envelopes.

This is what the journals look like.

The Art of Montserrat


1 - 2

Water is Life

Archangel Michael

The Infinite Journey

The Tree of Wishes

Light Gatherers

She Listens with her Heart

On the way to Shambala

Mother Earth

The Awakening of the Trees


The Moon is my Sister

When Angels Dream

There is always a Rainbow

Tree Spirit

Mary Magdalene

Rain Spirit

Green Tara



Secret Place

All I Need

Kuan Yin

Nature's Healing

Never Alone

The Birth of Faery

The Healer