The Sacred Feminine Art by Montserrat

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Pendulums can be used for healing, divination, to find lost objects and any time you need simple answers.

One could use almost any object to create a pendulum, but the reason why many of them are made with crystals or metals is because

the properties of those materials increase the energy of the pendulum.

The best way to begin is to get a pendulum to which you feel attracted.

You can cleanse it buy running it under water, charging it in the sun or moon, or any other way you feel comfortable with, or holding it in your hands and ask that all foreign energy be removed.

I like holding it in my hands because, that way, the pendulum will "attune" to me faster.

After that, simply let it dangle as ask it to show you YES, and NO, one at the time.

The pendulum will swing in a particular way for "yes", and in a different one for "no". It can spin left or right, or just swing back an forth in any direction.

I ask this every time before I start a session since, for me, the they it swings changes from time to time.

After that, you can start by asking a simple question, a yes or no question, and go from there.



Clear Quartz with Feather Pendulum

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Owl, Blue Sandstone and gemstone chain

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