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Mary Magdalene Bracelet

Mary Magdalene Bracelet

Mary Magdalene was a woman of power, a Spiritual Leader. I see her as an example and teacher for all women,

showing us to stand strong and be true to ourselves, no matter what they say or think of us.

One of her symbols is the rose.

The rose is a sacred flower, having been honored and worshiped since ancient times, not only for its magical fragrance but also for its beauty.

Still, the rose has thorns, to show us that even in the midst of adversity, there is beauty and power.

I designed this special bead with a rose design in it.

I thought that the combination of amethyst, garnet and obsidian chips would be perfect for the Magdalene.

Amethyst is a stone of the Third Eye, wisdom and clarity, "seeing" what is beyond and the true nature of things.

Garnet has fire and passion, very necessary energies to help us accomplish our goals and stay in our path, even through challenging times.

Obsidian protects us, ground us, and continuously cleanses our energy.

Elastic bracelet size 7"


If you need a custom size, please use this option and let me know what size you need in the comments in the shopping cart or via email

Custom: $20.00