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Crystal Skull Bracelet

Accessing Higher Knowledge

The prophecy speaks of 13 crystal skulls coming together to bring profound transformation on Earth.

Some legends and theories state that the original crystal skulls were not created by the hands of man at all, but may be of extraterrestrial origin.

Others think that they were created during the times of ancient civilizations such as Atlantis and Lemuria.

Many believe that crystal skulls have healing properties, transmit energy, have the ability to convey information or are repositories of ancient wisdom like a Universal library.


This powerful bracelet is made completely with clear quartz, beads and skull. The skull is very detailed for its size, almost 1/2" wide.

Clear quartz is one of the Master Crystals, widely used for its ability to store and record information. It is the carrier of the while light.

Clear Quartz channels Universal energy. It can be programmed to assist us in manifesting our desires, aid in healing, enhance dreams or help us in achieving our goals.

Sitting with Quartz with a focused intention will instill and amplify this intention and hold it in memory. This is why this crystal is so beneficial for manifesting in any area of our lives.

Quartz can deepen our meditation experiences. It helps clear thoughts and is a direct connection to the Spirit realm. It resonates with all of the chakras.

Quartz will amplify any other stones that are around it. This is why quartz is a great base for energy tools and can enhance any stones used in energy grids.

It is also a healing and protective stone, commonly used to dispel and clear negative energy. It activates all the chakras and enhances communication with the Higher Planes.

Size 7"


If you need a custom size, please use this option and let me know what size you need in the comments in the shopping cart or via email

Custom: $20.00