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Chakra Products


The Chakras are multi dimensional energy centers.

There are many of them, located in different parts of our body, not only the physical but our subtle bodies such the Astral, the Mental and so on.

The most familiar and known chakras are the main seven centers that go up our spine and display the colors of the rainbow.

These energy centers are like "spiritual organs" necessary for our health and well-being in all aspects of our life.

For example, one very important chakra is the base, or root chakra. It vibrates with red light frequency. This chakra connects us to the physical world and life on earth.

If this chakra is blocked, we experience feelings of isolation, lack of zest for life, money issues. Many spiritual people pay very little attention to this chakra. All of us have felt ungrounded at times.

This is because this chakra was not working properly.

There are many ways to work with the Chakras, to become aware of them, to help them work properly.

Many gemstones have a profound effect on the chakras, there is also color therapy, you can also use essential oils, pendulums and all kinds of meditation and energy work.