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Engraved Stones

Chakra Set

Chakra stones are a great tool if you want to do chakra healing or any other kind of healing.

Many people lay stones on particular areas of the body to facilitate the flow of energy to them.

Chakra stones can also be placed directly over the chakra centers to increase the energy there or simply cleanse the energy of each chakra.

Sometimes chakra centers become blocked, and the laying of stones on them helps the energy to flow again.

There are many ways in which these stones can be used, and since they are crafted with natural gemstones, they also carry the intrinsic energy of each crystal.

It also comes in a beautiful pouch decorated with Sanskrit Chakra Symbols


Chakras Stone Set with carrying pouch

One of a kind stones


Amethyst Runes

with pouch


Shiva Lingam Runes

with pouch


Carnelian Runes

with pouch


The 11:11 is a number that has become very prevalent. More and more people are seeing this number in synchronistic ways.

It is often associated with a code activation, a gateway, an angelic presence, the manifestation of a miracle, a spiritual message from spirit guides. 11:11 also represents a new beginning

and spiritual enlightenment and is also a number that we tend to see when angels and spirit guides are making contact with us.

Many times, we will be thinking about something in particular, and then notice the 11:11 on the clock, or any other place. That is a confirmation that we are being heard and guided.

Every time we see 11:11 is a sign for good things to happen and an opportunity to manifest our dreams.

11:11 is a Master Number and as such is also an awakening code.

This powerful number has been engraved on Clear Quartz palm stones, around 1 - 1/2" to 1 - 3/4" and one of a kind.

Set of 3 stones with pouch


Celtic Stone Set in Black Jasper

The stones are one of a kind and shapes will vary a little.

Carrying pouch included


Four Elements Gemstone Set

Air: Clear Quartz

Water: Lapis

Earth: Green Aventurine

Fire: Red Jasper

Stones are one of a kind, flat on both sides and around 1.5"

Carrying pouch included

Please note that colors might vary a little in person



Engraved on Rose Quartz palm stones, around 1 - 1/2" to 1 - 3/4" and one of a kind.

Set of 3 stones with pouch.