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My name is Montserrat and I was born in Barcelona. I have lived in many places and countries, and now I am a proud American.

I have always been interested in art, but it was after a series of spiritual experiences that I started to paint with oils.

My first paintings were of Cosmic Devas and Angels, but later on the Divine Feminine was awaken within me, and I began painting the female manifestation of Divinity.

Although I practice the middle path of the Buddha, I don't associate with any specific religion, having found that all religions hold beautiful teachings.

You will probably notice that some of my paintings have a religious air to them, while others are more symbolic.

I strive to find and paint the Divine, whatever shape or form it might take.

I started a candle company in 1991, Candles by Montserrat, wanting to create spiritual and holistic candles to aid us with our prayers and rituals.

My candles are made with natural essential oils, and cotton wicks. They are made for you, at the time you order them, so that the oils are fresh.

All my themes are spiritual and the candles are designed by me, including the labels, that depict my original images.

All my candles are a conscious creation into which only high and inspiring thoughts and intentions are projected. You will feel the difference.

All the pictures of my candles are taken by me, in my garden.

I also like to sculpt with clay, make jewelry and other crafts.

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