The Sacred Feminine Art by Montserrat

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4 Elements Stone Set

Earth, Air, Fire, Water

The Four Elements can be used in many ways. Since each one has very concrete properties, they are a great tool to

focus energy on a particular matter, or during ritual to manifest, empower and assist

Earth is the element of the North, feminine energy, nurturing, prosperity, fertility, endurance, Winter, Gnomes, Elves.

Air is the element of the East, communication, focus, wisdom and the mind, imagination, creativity, ideas, Spring, Sylphs, Fairies and Angels

Fire is the element of the South, male energy, purification, power, strength, manifestation, Summer, Genies, Dragons.

Water is the element of the West, cleansing, passion, emotions, blessings, dreams, inspiration, Autumn, Mermaids, Undines


Nicely engraved on Amethyst tumbled stones , about 3/4" wide.

Carrying pouch and instructions included


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